NSLU2 Torrent Box

I have set up a torrent client on an NSLU2 Nas device, otherwise known as a Slug. This is an incomplete rundown on how it works. Kind of a work in process….

1. Install Debian on the NSLU2. I followed this Guide: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/ and

2 Install SAMBA:


Install rtorrent from the repository: $ apt-get install rtorrent
Install screen from the repository: $ apt-get install screen
I used this excellent tutorial to set up my box.

Here is a good guide to using screen: http://dllab.caltech.edu/avida/v2.0/docs/screen.html

Here is how mine works. I start the rtorrent program in screen like this: $ screen rtorrent . This gets rtorrent running and then I can exit screen “Ctrl-A D”. On the NSLU2 I have the following directories /home/share , /home/share/torrents , home/share/video . These are served up by Samba as a single location on my windows network. Therefore, I edited my ./rtorrent.rc file to watch the /home/share/torrents directory and to save the files in my video folder. Now when I find a file I want, I will download the torrent file using my windows pc and save it in the shared torrents folder in My Network Places. The Slug does all the work and when it’s finished I will find a completed file in my video folder on the network.

This was good but it requires my intervention to download torrents etc. I like to download xvid versions of shows for my daughter to watch on her Creative Zen W. I could just record them on my GBpvr box http://www.gbpvr.com/ and then transcode them to xvid, but I’m lazy and it’s just easier to download them. I use a script to monitor the RSS feed from eztv and yahoo pipes to filter the feed to only download the shows I want. I will describe how this works next post.


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